The ACT has four sections that are each scored on a perfect bell curve: English, Mathemetics, Reading, and Science.

The first half of the test is generally forgiving with time, though heavy on knowledge. These sections, the English and Mathematics, are the most ‘teachable’. There are foundational concepts and rules that can be memorized and mastered. Most students that achieve a composite score in the 30's will score in the mid 30’s on each of these sections. The ‘back-half’ of the test - the Reading and Science sections - are each 35 minutes in length. Each of these sections has 40 questions

The scoring rubric and the pacing on both the Reading and Science sections of the test make the scoring ranges wide and less predictable. At E2, a big part of our job is to employ pacing techniques on the back-half of the test to neutralize the time constraint. Students must be familiar with passage types and have a plan of attack. General test-taking techniques are drilled and repeated. Identifying question types and sequencing passages in a strategic manner will be the factor in maximizing points.