Stanley Kaplan revolutionized test prep and John Wooden coached UCLA to 10 national championships. They played on very different courts, but they both set the bar in their respective fields by doing the same thing: laying out a road map to success for their players, and then giving them the tools to get there.

I've been coaching and mentoring kids all my life: from youth basketball leagues in New York to Ethiopian absorption centers in Arad, Israel. Walking students through the ACT isn’t really much different. Kids need to know the rules of the game to succeed. Then they need to be shown how to build those skills to get them to their goal. Whether it's keeping their hands closer together when shooting a ball or learning to scan a reading passage for key words, the skills can all be taught with direction, drilling, and enough accountability to instill confidence. I have guided many students to maximize their scoring potential.

Last year, E2 helped two students score a perfect 36 on the ACT. Both students had taken the test multiple times and had been previously tutored elsewhere. The difference between a 33 and a 36 can be as little as 5 questions on the entire test. More regularly, we coach countless students every season to improve from the 22-24 range to the 27-30 range. The proof is in the students' scores. Check out our Testimonial page and Alumni Wall to see what's happening. I believe every student has a potential maximum score. It is our job to reconcile each student's maximum score with a particular set of strategies and skill building techniques.