E2 has dramatically improved ACT scores for hundreds of students.

The greatest compliment in the service business is referrals and to be entrusted to younger siblings within the same family is second to none. At Effective Educators we have earned the confidence and respect of families who have trusted us to work with two, three and sometimes four siblings. A big thanks to every family that has given us the opportunity to work with their child.

  • Dov and Lauri P.

    Parents of Ida Crown Jewish Academy Graduates

    Both our son and daughter benefited from working with the excellent tutors at Effective Educators. The tutors assessed the areas where our kids needed to improve and gave them effective strategies to excel in those areas. In a stress free environment, Effective Educators built the self-confidence of our son and daughter and helped them feel that they could indeed improve their scores with hard work, practice and the new strategies they had learned. Both our son and daughter were able to raise their ACT scores considerably and were both thrilled to receive merit scholarships at the universities that they have chosen to attend.

  • David F. and Lori W.

    Parents of Highland Park HS Graduates

    Matt was everything we asked for and more as an ACT tutor. He was very down-to-earth and made the ACT studying experience less stressful for both of my children. He would provide humor and fun into a usually boring and strenuous activity. My children currently both go to top public universities and Matt Lipsit definitely played an integral role in their college acceptance.

  • Brett and Penny K.

    Parents of a Deerfield HS Graduate

    Matt is the best! He helped give our daughter the confidence she needed to tackle the test. Matt makes the students feel good and is their biggest cheerleader. He cares a great deal about their success and will do what he needs to help them achieve their goal. I also loved his positive attitude; it helped lighten what could have been a stressful time.

  • Debbie and Tracy L.

    Parents of a Stevenson HS Graduate

    Matt helped my daughter maintain her strong areas and improve weak areas of testing in order to broaden her possible choices for colleges. His style of teaching and guiding was a great fit for Tessa and helped increase her level of confidence. We highly recommend Matt as a tutor!

  • Fred and Barbara W.

    Parents of Highland Park HS Graduates

    Effective Educators created a motivating, supportive learning environment that had a favorable impact on our children's test results and approach to testing. The tutoring was customized - recognizing each of our children's individual strengths, capabilities, and needs. I was surprised by how effectively tutors were able to isolate and address specific subject areas for improvement. The tools and techniques seemed to quickly and directly address the topics our kids wanted assistance with. The environment was friendly and supportive.

  • Eve and Bruce A.

    Parents of Highland Park HS Graduates

    Matt Lipsit has been an invaluable resource in helping our kids prepare for their ACTs and SATs. The individual attention and genuine interest he has in each of his students is apparent and has led to great success in strengthening both their study habits and improving their test scores. He has a natural rapport with the kids that motivates them to want to work hard and do their very best. He was always the first person they called when their test scores came in and again months later when they were accepted into their chosen colleges. We think that says a lot!

  • Marcy D.

    Parent of Stevenson HS Graduates

    Both of our children have used E2. Our daughter raised her ACT score by 6 points after switching her tutoring to Matt. Our son was able to achieve a 5 on his AP Calc test with the help from E2. I have referred over 25 families to E2 and each and every one of them has made the point to thank me afterwards.

  • Andrea and Dr. B.

    Parents of Glenbrook South HS Graduates

    I met Matt through a recommendation of a friend when my older son, who struggles with learning disabilities, was applying to college. Matt was patient and took the time to read all of Brian's educational testing to have a better sense of how he learns. Brian met individually with Matt over the course of a couple of months. We were delighted when Brian's ACT scores, which improved after working with Matt, were good enough to help him get a merit scholarship to a private liberal arts college. In addition, Matt took the time to meet with Brian this past summer to see how his college career was progressing. When our younger son, Daniel, was applying to Ivy League schools, he was very concerned that he maximize his test scores. Daniel worked with Matt for both his ACT and SAT subject tests and was very pleased with Matt's approach to tutoring as well as his results. Daniel was elated to be accepted into his first choice school and is starting his sophomore year at Harvard. Matt really cares about these kids!

  • Amy and Mitch G.

    Parents of New Trier HS Graduates

    In my lifetime I've stumbled across a few extraordinary people that have had a major impact on my children and family. Matt is one of those special people. He was very successful preparing my child, who is not a strong test taker and has a different learning style, for the ACT. Matt has a unique connection with his students making it easy for them to learn. I have referred many friends to Matt and they have all been happy. I feel very lucky to have met him.

  • Julie and Loren S.

    Parents of Highland Park HS Graduates

    Loren and I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did tutoring our children for the ACT. We believe the most important thing you did for Alex and Stefanie was to instill in them the confidence that they are capable of achieving a high score. Like you told them, they already knew what was necessary to do well on the test-you were there to teach them how to take the test. We feel that our kids are lucky to have been able to work with you. It’s very clear that you genuinely enjoyed working with them, and that you are able to help them see why you think they’re great! We also want to speak about the atmosphere of your business. While everyone who is there is working hard at their individual tasks, there is a feeling of camaraderie and a sense that everyone is in this together and working to achieve the same goal. Both Alex and Stefanie found this very motivating, plus it made it fun to come hang out with you and your staff. As you know, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a great tutor for their kids. We truly appreciate everything you did for our family!

  • Beth G.

    Parent of an Ida Crown Jewish Academy Graduate

    Matt Lipsit and his staff at Effective Educators did an outstanding job of tutoring our son for the ACT test. Thanks to Matt, the test preparation process turned out to be a surprisingly positive experience. Our son avoided a lot of the usual stress and tension over standardized testing by working with Matt and his team. Matt is a gifted teacher who knows how to tailor a study program to the precise needs and temperament of the student and then connect and motivate with good humor and a light touch. Our son did very well on the ACT, and he deserves the lion's share of the credit for his success, but Matt was the consummate coach who played a unique and important role off the field.

  • Stella S.

    Parent of a Highland Park HS Graduate

    It is easier to use numbers, not words, to express our satisfaction with Effective Educators. My son Lenny got 35 on his ACT in just a few weeks after tutoring with Matt! His English, Reading and Science jumped from 31 and 32 to 35 and 36. — truly Effective Educators. On a personal level, I want to add that Lenny really loved Matt’s approach and now he tutors middle and high school kids himself. Thank you, Matt!

  • Vicki E.

    Parent of a Highland Park HS Graduate

    Matt has been very helpful in what can be a daunting and scary time for a teenager. He knows how the tests are given, what content will be on them, and offers a student many tips that they might not otherwise know going into a standardized test. As a parent, working with Matt helped me understand how these tests work, and the impact they can have on a future college applicant. The flexibility Matt and his staff had with appointment times was great; we could always find a time that worked. I really believe Matt cares about my daughter and really wants her to succeed and do the very best that she can do on her tests. Working with Effective Educators was a pleasure and I would recommend them to anyone who asks.

  • Pam P.

    Parent of a Deerfield Graduate

    Every parent stresses and agonizes through the college process with their child, especially through the testing process. Effective Educators made my son feel confident, successful, and motivated as they journeyed together preparing my son for his testing. Not only did my son's scores improve dramatically from the tutoring but he also learned that hard work could be incredibly enjoyable and rewarding! Thank you Effective Educators!

  • Marilyn and Steve S.

    Parents of Highland Park HS Graduates

    We were very fortunate to have Matt tutor three of our children for the ACT. Not only did they raise their scores, Matt also helped them improve their study skills, build up their confidence, and was very supportive during their college search. Now his work continues as he tutors our daughter for the GRE test.

  • Larry M.

    Parent of a New Trier HS Graduate

    E2 helped my daughter and I navigate the test prep scene and college admission process. I had gotten the name from a close friend. I too was thoroughly impressed with Matt's ability to gain every point out of the ACT test. Matt and his team's strategies, and my daughter's hard work, helped her crush the ACT and gain admission to an elite east coast college.

  • Nancy G.

    Parent of a Highland Park HS Graduate

    Matt didn't just help our son by tutoring him. He made him comfortable. He also made us comfortable because it was obvious from the very beginning that he took personal interest in the end result. Although there is pressure and studying for the ACT isn't exactly fun, Matt somehow managed to make this something that Sam never resented or tried to get out of. He helped our son get the very best score he could get. Matt inspired and motivated Sam without overwhelming him. Sam had incredibly positive things to say about his experience and WANTED to post his picture on E2's site and endorse Matt. That's a great tutor!

  • Sheila and William M.

    Parent of Deerfield HS Graduates

    Both of my kids used E2 for their ACT test prep. My daughter's ACT score jumped, even though she had taken the test and been tutored before. She seemed to be comfortable with the process and was thrilled with her score. My daughter also returned there as a college student for help in a math class. I sent my younger son to Matt for his ACT prep. Though naturally smart, he's a typical boy's boy and I wasn't sure how much he would get out of it. He ended up exceeding our expectations and scored in the 30's! I have since referred scores of friends to E2.

  • Andrea and Brent N.

    Parents of a Stevenson HS Graduate

    Matt Lipsit and his team of tutors were an incredible resource in helping prepare our son Alec for the ACT test. We know that Alec's score was a direct result of the coaching and tutoring he received. We highly recommend Matt to anyone that is looking to improve their education experience or raise their ACT score....Thanks again!!

  • Fran and David S.

    Parents of Highland Park HS Graduates

    We are thankful to Effective Educators for tapping into both the confidence and ability to perform well on the ACT. Great strategies and tips for success were key factors taught by Matt.

  • Dr. and Sue L.

    Parents of Deerfield HS Graduates

    Matt and his team helped both of our kids raise their scores enough to get into their top schools. Everyone we’ve referred has had the same great results and thanked us profusely!

  • Debbie A.

    Parent of Deerfield HS Graduates

    Effective Educators helped both my kids raise their ACT scores beyond expectations. In addition to the real results we saw, there was also the feeling that they cared about the result as much as we did.

  • Wendy L.

    Parent of a Highland Park HS Graduate

    Matt helped my daughter raise her score 6 points! I am so proud of her. Now she's going to be a sophomore at her dream school!

  • Carol F.

    Parent of a Deerfield HS Graduate

    A big thanks to E2 to guiding me through the college maze! E2 worked with my daughter and made the experience easy on her, and most of all, raised her ACT and SAT scores significantly! I couldn't be more pleased with my experience.

  • Karen N.

    Parent of a Highland Park HS Graduate

    A big thanks to Effective Educators for walking my son through the ACT and SAT. My son is bright enough, but as a teenager wasn't all that interested in putting himself out there. Matt and his coaches were able to pique is interest and get him motivated and prepared. It was a great experience for my son and helped him tremendously. Additionally, my son is working his way through college and ended up doing business with Matt.

  • Abbe S.

    Parent of a Highland Park HS Graduate

    I can't say enough about Matt Lipsit and his team. They were instrumental in helping my daughter master the process of preparing for the ACT and achieving her target score. In addition, they helped alleviate her apprehension towards taking the test and gave her the confidence required to reach her goal. I can proudly say that she is now at the college of her choice -- Syracuse University.

  • John and Liz C.

    Parents of a Highland Park HS Graduate

    Matt and his staff were great to work with. Our daughter Maddie increased her ACT Math score by 7 points and English by 8! We are looking forward to having Matt and his team work with our 10th grader Robbie next year (plus with the occasional tutoring for classwork this year).

  • Felicia and Phil C.

    Parents of Highland Park HS Graduates

    By using Matt's services both my boys who are different students and learners benefited and their scores improved.

  • Rich and Nanci L.

    Parents of a Deerfield HS Graduate

    I don't think we could have found a better ACT tutor for Scott. Scott and Matt hit it off from their first meeting, which made for a very successful working relationship. Scott went into their sessions with the knowledge necessary to take the tests, but Matt helped him fine-tune his test taking skills. Matt's expertise and mutual love of sports made tutoring sessions both successful and enjoyable.

  • Mike G.


    Matt helped me to become a more organized and structured student as well as individual. The study skills I learned working with him are ones that I continue to use today in college. He was an integral part of my growth as a student and helped me to get to where I am today.

  • Austin T.


    Effective Educators offers great ACT preparation. The tutors I worked with were friendly and wanted to help me improve my scores. Matt Lipsit and the other tutors didn't just give me the answers and expect me to learn, they showed me how to tackle tricky questions and manage my time. They gave me confidence in my knowledge and I was able to stay calm and relaxed while testing.

  • Adam S.


    After taking the ACT a few times, working with Matt provided the necessarily tutoring needed to achieve my goal score. His willingness to provide extra exams, tutor in a quiet and comfortable environment as well as instill confidence in myself provided vital support.

  • Jake P.


    I truly enjoyed going to my tutoring sessions. Not only were ALL of the tutors engaging, knowledgeable, and patient, but the value was obvious to me. My ACT score increased 6 points and many of the study skills I learned have served me quite well in college. This college, by the way, is the one that I wanted to go to and could get into thanks, in large part, to my tutoring with Matt.

  • Jeremy D.


    I went to E2 for help with AP BC Calc my sophomore year of high school. I received a score of a 5 on my first AP test! I couldn't have done it without E2. I plan to use them for my ACT tutoring this year as well. When my friends ask if I know an ACT tutor, I automatically give them E2's number!

  • Lindsey D.


    Matt and his team gave me the confidence to believe that I had the ability to master the ACT. I improved my score by 6 points after tutoring with E2. I have continued to use the skills they taught me in college and expect they will help me throughout my life.

  • Julie L.


    The first time I took the ACT I felt unprepared, and my score wasn't what I'd hoped it would be. After tutoring, I was more familiar with the test and my score went up several points. And when I found out that I had to take an SAT subject test, I knew how much of a difference tutoring would make. I was happy with my score and I ended up getting accepted at my first choice college.

  • Jake L.


    Matt helped raise my score significantly over a short period of time. I wouldn't be at my number one school without the help of Matt and his talented team!

  • Alex S.


    I worked closely with E2 on the ACT and saw big results. Matt helped me with Reading, Science, and English. My score in each test improved dramatically after working with him. Matt clearly cares about all of his students and treats them well!

  • B


    The help Matt provided me was strategic: he was able to determine the best way for me to learn, and then honed in on that tactic. He was instrumental in my testing success, and I still find myself using many of the tactics that he taught me

  • Cayley T.


    "While I am a dedicated student, I am not the best standardized test taker. Effective Educators helped me feel more confident about my skills. I learned to approach questions calmly and quickly without feeling pressured by the ticking clock. I have had the opportunity to work with both Matt Lipsit and Joe. Matt is a fantastic and down-to-earth tutor who truly cares about his students. While he had high expectations for me, his unwavering belief that I would succeed helped me stay composed in even the most stressful test-taking situations. I worked with Joe due to my struggles in math. Joe did a great job at detecting my areas of weakness in the math sections but also, highlighting my strengths. He was organized and helped me stay on track with my work, always highlighting my progress. Each lesson I walked away with a sense of accomplishment and am feeling more optimistic than ever about taking the GRE in October."

  • Annie K.


    Matt's guidance was extremely helpful. Thanks to him, I was able to excel on the ACT!

  • Aaron K.


    Matt helped me raise my ACT score by 4 points, allowing me to get into the college of my choice. Thanks Matt!

  • Merrick S.


    I worked with Matt and his other tutors for over a year. My scores were amazing and way better than I ever imagined they could be. With my busy schedule, he was always able to accommodate me. Their (the tutors) knowledge of the ACT is second to none. They were phenomenal.

I've used Effective Educators to prep all 4 of my kids for the ACT. I started using Matt when he tutored out of book shops almost 7 years ago. My daughter had been tutored by a bigger company and had not scored as well as we expected. She jumped 4 points after meeting with Matt and his staff. My next 3 kids all had very different strengths and weaknesses. With Matt's help, all my kids scored well on the ACT and each one got into the college of their choice. Further, the process itself was positive and comforting. My kids' test anxiety and mindset were addressed wonderfully by Matt. He has a gift for mentoring and working with kids. Today, my daughter has networked through Matt in pursuing her professional life, and my boys will stop in his office just to say hello and catch up. I couldn't be happier with Effective Educators and will always recommend them.

Cindy Z.